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Risk & More covers a wide spectrum of risk subjects and risk types. Below please find the list of our current focus areas.


We always pursue the following goals for our clients:

  • Reduction of risk / capital cost - avoidance of undesired risk
  • Implementation of an adequate risk management framework - in line with stakeholder requirements
  • Improved risk oversight/control/monitoring
  • Reduction / avoidance of concentration risk
  • Reduction in processing costs
  • Implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Improved risk transparency

Your Contact Person:

Peter Buerger

Our Focus Areas

Banking Regulations - Basel II / Basel III / CRD IV / Dodd-Frank / CCAR / Stress Testing

We support you in your endeavors to implement key regulatory requirements related to capital-, liquidity- and risk management. See also Peter Buerger's book "Banking Pillars - How Banks of all Sizes Can Achieve Excellence under Basel III".

Enterprise Risk Management - Banks and Non-bank Corporations

Integrating enterprise risk management throughout an organization improves decision-making in governance, strategy, objective-setting, and day-to-day operations. It helps to enhance performance by more closely linking strategy and business objectives to both risk and opportunity. The diligence required to integrate ERM provides an entity with a clear path to creating, preserving, and realizing value.

Credit Risk Management (CRM)

We advise financial institutions and corporations on key aspects related to modern CRM, i.e. credit principles/policies, origination (process, authority, rating & scoring), modern credit parameters (EaD, PD, LGD, EL), exposure management, concentration risk, risk mitigation, problem loans, and counterparty credit risk (CCR) management.

Balance Sheet Management / Interest Rate Risk / Funding & Liquidity

The financial crisis has underlined the need for organizations to take a more holistic view of their balance sheets. We support you in all key areas, such as capital management, interest rate risk management (interest rate risk in the banking book), liquidity (risk) management, and (stable) funding.

Modern Risk Reporting/Disclosure

Leading institutions around the world use modern tools to monitor/manage/report their business' and risks. Modern risk tools deliver integrated reports, real-time monitoring, drill-downs, forecasts and scenario analysis for an improved and pro-active management of financial risks.

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