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Check out Peter Buerger's Book 'Banking Pillars'!


Published by The Risk Management Association, Philadelphia, PA (RMA) and written by Risk & More's Peter Buerger, Banking Pillars - How Banks of All Sizes Can Achieve Excellence under Basel III recommends best practice risk management and governance and highlights the key risk and performance indicators banking institutions must heed to achieve success.


With the risk manager in mind, Banking Pillars summarizes the most important issues on the regulatory landscape to help financial executives and other interested readers absorb complex material in a clear and concise package. The book summarizes key areas of modern banking and risk management, such as capital, risks/ asset quality, liquidity & funding, earnings/profitability, governance, stress testing (DFAST), capital planning (ICAAP, CCAR), and risk reporting/ disclosure.


To purchase your copy of this important and informative book, please

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Banking Pillars: How Banks of All Sizes Can Achieve Excellence under Basel III

RMA Product Number: 0640838

ISBN: 978-1-57070-324-9

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